Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility


December 25, 2019, Wednesday – الحمد لله, with the permission of Allah عز وجل and the donations and contributions of several corporate and public bodies, the “Asnaf 2020 School Aid Equipment Project” for the first time under the direction of  PG TIMUR & DAKWAH UNLIMITED was successfully implemented in accordance with The objective is to form an initiative to help ease the burden of the family as they face the return to school year 2020.

The program has targeted 44 indigenous people from around the Kemaman area comprising families with backgrounds who are having dificulties & not in good conditions. Activities throughout the program began with the distribution of sports pants, school uniforms and even school shoes. Later, the guests were brought to lunch at Nostimo’s, Chukai while holding a school pocket handover, writing tools and haircut coupons for men.

Lastly, we thank all the contributors and volunteers for the success of the program. Special thanks to our loyal sponsor, Kemaman Tax Nostimos for providing our lunch at the program. We are welcome to continue for support our missionary and charity efforts in future programs.


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