Field of Expertise

We can assure you that our services can be the best, as we have extensive experience in ship repairs and maintenance field. We are dedicated to continuously improve our quality of service to the customers. Responsive and committed to supplying multi-task service and customized solutions on short notice. Giving excellent services involved n the operation. Complies with all national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines, concerning safety and environment protection.

Auxiliary Works

Inspections and Testing, Wooden Deck Sheeting, Cleaning Jobs, Wharf Fenders Installations.

Mechanical & Maintenance

Marine Diesel Main Engine, Electrical Motor, Marine Diesel Generator, Pumps. Air Compressor, Machineries etc.


We specialize in structural repair, modification and construction. We provide customer with skilfull services and certified manpower to handle high-powered equipment in specialized area. Since customer satisfaction is our top priority, we deliver at the highest quality, to the best of our ability, at reasonable cost, through a highly motivated, knowledgeable and experienced workforce.

Rental Services & Parts Supply

Rental Services and Parts Supply, Tyre Fenders, Hydraulic Jacks and Equipment, Spring Buoy, Safety Equipment Supply, Marine Parts Supply, 20T Spooling Machine, Gangways.

Field of Expertise